Senior Dietitian

REF 1084966
14.06.2021 | Abu Dhabi | full time
Dietitian Responsibilities: Speaking to patients to learn about their health goals and dietary needs, preferences, and restrictions Developing nutrition plans for clients Compiling information and tracking client progress towards their health goals.
Applicants 10

Dental Surgeon

REF 1084965
14.06.2021 | Abu Dhabi | full time
Oral Surgeon Responsibilities: Consulting with patients and analyzing patient data to determine patient needs and treatment goals Collaborating with other specialists, such as restorative dentists and orthodontists, to plan treatments.
Applicants 44


REF 1084964
14.06.2021 | Abu Dhabi | full time
Microbiologist Responsibilities: Supervise and conduct research on various microbiological activities on a regular basis Maintain knowledge on various research methods and perform all manual operations on various supplies.
Applicants 33
REF 1084969
14.06.2021 | Abu Dhabi | full time
Lab Technician Responsibilities: Collecting, receiving, labeling, and/or analyzing samples or substances using the correct testing equipment, when necessary Designing and executing laboratory testing in line with standard testing procedures, recording observations, and interpreting findings.
Applicants 128


REF 1084971
14.06.2021 | Abu Dhabi | full time
Responsibilities Identify patients’ care requirements, focus on their needs and act on them Nurture a compassionate environment by providing psychological support Resolve or report on patients’ needs or problems Prepare patients for examinations and perform routine diagnostic checks .
Applicants 64
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