REF 1114924
17.09.2021 | Abu Dhabi | full time
The Document Controller is responsible for collecting the data, verifying the current revision status of the documents and distributing them (ie preliminary, approval, construction, erection and as built documentation etc.
Applicants 33
REF 1107899
26.08.2021 | Dubai | contract
We are looking for COMPRESSOR SERVICE ENGINEER/SUPERVISOR who must have 10 years of experience.
Applicants 15
REF 1107640
25.08.2021 | Dubai | full time
We are looking for PUMP SERVICE ENGINEER/SUPERVISOR who has 10 years of experience.
Applicants 13
REF 1107595
25.08.2021 | Dubai | contract
We are looking for VALVE OVERHAUL ENGINEER/SUPERVISORwho has 10 years of experience Location: Basra, Iraq Nationality: Iraqi and others Responsible for repair and testing of various valves, including but not limited to ball valves, gate valves, butterfly valves, safety relief valves, etc.
Applicants 20

Petroleum Engineer

REF 1099628
31.07.2021 | Abu Dhabi | full time
We are looking for an experienced petroleum engineer to monitor oil and gas extraction and ensure all operations run smoothly You’ll design and schedule drilling activities both offshore and onshore You’ll analyze geological data and present results to customers.
Applicants 46
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