REF 1287576
19.03.2023 | Dubai | full time
Position Title is corporate communication manager cum secretory Performing accurate research and analysis Coordinating arrangements, meetings, and/or conferences as assigned Taking dictation and writing correspondence Compiling, proofreading, and revising drafts of documents and reports.
Applicants 2
REF 1286698
16.03.2023 | Abu Dhabi | full time
Manager responsibilities include scheduling shifts for baristas and wait staff, monitoring daily expenses and revenues and ordering supplies like coffee, milk and snacks, as needed To be successful in this role you should have work experience with various roles in coffee shops.
Applicants 8

Duty Manager

REF 1286691
16.03.2023 | Abu Dhabi | full time
Duty Manager responsibilities include overseeing daily operations, ensuring employee productivity, monitoring efficiency of all processes and creating a positive work environment for employees.
Applicants 6

Sales Manager

REF 1063430
08.04.2021 | Dubai | full time
We are currently seeking an experienced Sales Manager cum secretary to join us in the Corporate Finance Department. The Sales Manager will provide support to the Finance department in the following responsibilities.
Applicants 278
REF 1063429
08.04.2021 | Ajman | full time
Housekeepers, Housekeeping Attendants, Housekeeping Managers, Housekeeping Supervisors These Housekeeper positions are both full/part-time depending on your preference and can include a 401k, medical, dental, vision insurance with paid time off.
Applicants 323
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