Engineering is a vast discipline. It has various streams such as mechanical engineering, civil engineering, electronics engineering etc. The job openings and opportunities in this field are so many. The first and foremost part is to sort out which stream to be followed. There can be very simple steps to reach your destination once you have selected mechanical engineering as your call. It is considered as the most popular engineering streams. Mechanical engineers research, design, develop and test mechanical and thermal devices including tools, engines, and machines. Some of the more-common devices serve the medical, energy, and automated manufacturing sectors. This discipline primarily addresses the need to design and manufacture everything from small individual parts to devices to large systems. In a nutshell, you can say that mechanical engineering applies to basic sciences to technology development designed to enhance the quality of our lives. Many mechanical engineers work in general-purpose and automotive manufacturing, or for architectural and engineering service companies. Mechanical engineers also work in research and development testing laboratories. There are a few steps to reach your desired area of interest. They are:

Obtaining a Bachelor's degree in Mechanical engineering

Getting into the stream of Mechanical Engineering requires a Bachelor's degree in that. It takes minimum of four years to finish the course. This includes practical exposure to the working world by doing various projects or internships. If a person is really interested in the subject they will be excelling in the opportunities given to them. The final project is the golden chance to prove how good a person is in the subject. There will be chances to present papers in different seminars and discussions which will add credit to the resume. Minimum cut off mark is necessary for getting into good profile jobs. Some people who are keen in specializations and may turn up to do the further study as the Post graduate program or even PhD.

Getting Certifications

To add on to the qualifications of a mechanical engineering, certifications are a necessity. It will help you to stand out in the crowd with extra knowledge. There are many certification courses available and it can be chosen according to our interest. For example certifications like: Associate Systems Engineering professional, Certifies Systems Engineer Professional, IAPMO Mechanical Inspector, Solar Thermal Installer Certification, Certified manufacturing Engineer, Certified reliability Engineer etc.

Developing skills

Making the best use of your skills is another feature to be noted. One can specialize a skill on designing, developing product, manufacturing, modelling systems and engines, getting more clarity on patent law, sharpening the knowledge about the new developments in the same field, improving communication skills etc.

Selecting the specific field

There are many sub fields under this stream. Aerospace Engineering, Acoustical Engineering, Manufacturing Engineering, Thermal Engineering, Production Engineering, Vehicle Engineering which has two sub categories such as Automotive Engineering and Naval Architecture Engineering etc. are some of the widely accepted varieties under this branch.

Branding yourself

Another most important thing is to brand ourselves. There should be a proper criteria to showcase the talent and always keep an evidence of your works. Whenever sending the resume, make sure that you have strong references and be unique in your ideas.

Finding the right company

Once everything else is set, another most important thing is to select the best company to work with. Before applying, ensure about the company background, profile, agreements, payment etc.

Salary and openings

Depending on your educational background, experience, and expertise, your salary can range from $55,500 to $100,000 per annum. Typically, mechanical engineers work for 40 hours per week but opportunities for overtime (and additional income) are abundant. According to Pay scale, the average salary received by a mechanical engineer in UAE is 106,040 per year. The salary varies according to the role and experience of a person. There are many openings in different parts of the world for the category of mechanical engineering such as project engineer, mechanical design engineers, managers, electrical engineers, technicians etc.

Top 10 colleges to pursue Mechanical Engineering

One thing to be noted is that, wherever you study, you need to know the basics of Engineering as well as stimulate yourself to have passion towards the subject. When we look into the top 10 list of colleges for mechanical Engineering (according to ranking), it goes as:
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Stanford University, University of Cambridge, University of California, University of Michigan, Imperial college of London, Georgia Institute of Technology, National University of Singapore (NUS), University of Oxford, Harvard University.

How to succeed as a mechanical engineer in UAE

Being a mechanical engineer in UAE is a great, high paying job. If you're interested in starting a career, it's important that you’ve got the determination to succeed. Great opportunities await those who are highly qualified and who have great work ethic. To succeed and to stand out from the crowd, you'll need to have not only a four-year bachelor degree and license but also master's degree or even PhD. As with any career, if you apply yourself, you'll be noticed and quickly work up the ladder. But not only this but also the following tips will help you to become a successful engineer:
  • Think like a businessman and act like an engineer
  • Always think out of the box
  • Be a team player
  • Follow the rules
  • Be part of the innovation pipeline
  • Grow with your company or organization
  • Always be up to date
  • Be involved in all activities
  • Be your own mentor
If all of these are followed and clarified properly, you can become a successful mechanical engineer. Things may be different for different people, as in ideas, thoughts, action plans etc. But one thing to be noted is that everything depends upon conviction, determination and focus. Consider the job as your passion and everything turns magical. Jobs are available everywhere but to find the best of your choice, requires time, patience and a keen observation. As Lincoln says be the best of whatever you become.

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