REF 1244273
02.11.2022 | Sharjah | full time
We are looking for a qualified pharmacist to assist customers by interpreting symptoms and providing immediate treatment or to successfully refer customers to a suitable physician.
Applicants 202
REF 1244277
02.11.2022 | Sharjah | full time
We are looking for a meticulous lab technician who will be responsible for supporting our laboratory staff with the primary goal of optimizing lab procedures and succeeding in producing reliable test results.
Applicants 317

X-ray Technician

REF 1244271
02.11.2022 | Sharjah | full time
We are looking to employ a dedicated and skilled X-ray technician to take quality x-rays of patients’ bones, soft tissues, or organs as instructed by patients physicians.
Applicants 44


REF 1244274
02.11.2022 | Sharjah | full time
We are looking for a compassionate, experienced psychiatrist to join our medical facility. You will be responsible for assessing patients, diagnosing or ruling out mental disorders, prescribing treatments, and conducting regular follow-up appointments to monitor the patients progress.
Applicants 60


REF 1132605
11.11.2021 | Sharjah | full time
Supervise and conduct research on various microbiological activities on a regular basis Maintain knowledge on various research methods and perform all manual operations on various supplies Develop and maintain validation in all protocols for various environmental controls.
Applicants 276
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