Safety Officer

REF 1183853
23.04.2022 | Abu Dhabi | full time
Compile safety programs Practice safe working techniques Implement and maintain health and safety standards Establish a cordial and professional relationship with employees Maintain compliance with all safety regulations Conduct regular staff meetings to share best practice techniques.
Applicants 238

Security Guard

REF 1183873
23.04.2022 | Abu Dhabi | full time
Perform scheduled and random checks of designated areas throughout the facility to check for any security breaches Utilize the company’s guest policies to issue guest passes and make sure that each guest is accompanied by an employee before entering the facility Assist the maintenance staff .
Applicants 382


REF 1185423
28.04.2022 | Dubai | full time
Perform maintenance of the pool itself (water testing, checking water levels, filters, draining, cleaning, etc)and inspect any lounges or other amenities located at the poolside/Brach side.
Applicants 60


REF 1184569
25.04.2022 | Dubai | full time
Employment visa provided. Salary: AED 3,000.
Applicants 37


REF 1184433
25.04.2022 | Dubai | full time
Florist Duties and Responsibilities: Able to create visually appealing flower arrangements for hotels daily requirements.
Applicants 15
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