REF 1496227
28.03.2024 | Dubai | full time
Supervise the Front Office staff to ensure excellent owner/guest service Actively listen and respond positively to owner/guest questions, concerns, and requests using brand or property specific processes to resolve issues and delight owners and guests.
Applicants 8
REF 1572442
09.07.2024 | Dubai | full time
A Logistics Supervisor essentially oversees the shipping and delivery of materials and warehouse personnel. They mainly work in warehouse settings and for retailers and wholesalers and are involved in managing the loading of trucks, setting up delivery routes and unloading of material.
Applicants 13
REF 1572281
08.07.2024 | Dubai | full time
A Housekeeping Supervisor is a professional who monitors the work activities of cleaning personnel to ensure that they are providing a clean, orderly, and attractive environment for guests.
Applicants 15
REF 1572258
08.07.2024 | Dubai | full time
Food and Beverage Supervisors primarily manage the food service aspect of restaurants, hotels, resorts, and similar establishments in the tourism and hospitality industry. Employment visa provided.
Applicants 10
REF 1572255
08.07.2024 | Dubai | full time
Oversee the cafes daily operations as part of the overall coffee shop supervisor duties and responsibilities. Train new workers on how to make the range of coffee drinks. Show employees how to properly st.
Applicants 4
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